Solo Show - May 4 - 27, The Kube Studios, Gibsons, BC

Bloom - April 3 - 15, FCA Gallery, Granville Island, BC

Photobase: Re-imagined Memories - March 15-April 21 - Cityscape Gallery, N Vancouver, BC 

Abstracted  - March 6 - 17 - FCA Gallery, Granville Island, BC

Art Rental  Exhibition- Jan. 12 - Feb. 3. Art Rental Program: Cityscape Gallery, North Vancouver, BC  


Marked by Time/2 person Exhibit - Silk Purse Gallery, W. Vancouver, BC

Edge and Form/3 Person Exhibit - Ferry Building Gallery, W. Vancouver, BC

Life Coastal/3 Person Exhibit - BIAC Gallery, Bowen Island, BC 

Echos/Group Exhibit - BIAC Gallery, Bowen Island

2016  Signs of Spring/ Group Exhibit – BIAC Gallery, Bowen Island, BC

2015  Slow ClothesHarmony Arts, Ferry Building, W. Vancouver, BC

Wearable Art – Group Exhibit
BIAC Gallery, Bowen Island, BC

2014  InFormed by Nature – with Jennifer Love, BIAC Gallery, Bowen Island, BC 

2013  Talking Heads –Surface Design BC, CityScape Gallery, N. Vancouver, BC

2011  Exquisite Corpse, Surface Design BC, Seymour Art Gallery, N. Vancouver, BC 

2010  Exquisite Corpse, SDA,  Leigh Square Community Arts Village, Port Coquitlam, BC

A B O U T   k a t h l e e n

Kathleen has studied and created fine art, costumes, and textile arts for over 30 years. She works with a variety of media and techniques including free-motion machine embroidery, handmade papers, digital image transfer, mono printing, and stenciling with dyes and paints. She also creates pieces using raised plaster, natural oxides, oil and acrylic paints.

Early studies at Emily Carr led Kathleen to work in props and costuming for a variety of dance and TV productions and feature films. Her education at Capilano University included diplomas in studio arts, textile arts, and ceramics and introduced her to surface design; she actively creates, exhibits, and teaches in these areas.

As one of the founding members of Foxglove Fibre Arts Cooperative (1999−2005) on Bowen Island, Kathleen has managed events and exhibits and facilitated a variety of workshops highlighting international fibre artists and experts.

Over the last several years Kathleen has participated in many workshops and exhibitions, a natural progression for her many years of art practice and inspires a deeper connection to her creative process. She offers mixed media painting workshops on an ongoing basis and teaches the popular Eat Drink Paint series for the Bowen Island Arts Council Gallery.


Impermanence and the cycles of nature are my inspiration. Light emerging from shadow, the relationships between humans and nature, rich surfaces echoing time-worn layers scoured by the elements, deep pools of water, reflections, mist on the shoreline, are captured in layers of paint and other materials.

I am intrigued by the patterns and repetition found in nature’s microscopic to cosmologic worlds and how they are reinterpreted in the built environment.

My passion is in the process and materials. Awakening the surface with bold, intuitive marks, layers of paper, paint, and textures, captures the early freedom and spontaneity. Much is learned from experiments and working intuitively, embracing the unexpected and responding spontaneously.

When I am immersed in art making there is a sense of   freedom, an   unmeasured sense of time - kairos, or episodic, rather than chronos, or linear.

Steve Sidaway photo

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