My current work is about light emerging from shadow, the relationships between humans and nature, rich surfaces with depth, such as looking into a deep pool of water or through mist on the shoreline, time-worn layers of history, the elements, lines, shapes and patterns from nature.

My passion is in the process and materials. When immersed in art making there is an unmeasured sense of time - kairos, or episodic, rather than chronos, or linear. Much is learned from experiments and working intuitively, embracing the unexpected and responding spontaneously.

Imagery such as rivers and tributaries, branches of trees, the nervous system of humans - all have common patterns, as do the planets in our solar system and cellular structures of plants and animals. I am inspired by the patterns and repetition found in nature’s microscopic to cosmologic worlds and how they are reinterpreted in the built environment.

© Kathleen Ainscough 2017