Original Mixed Media Paintings- Inquire at Catching Stars Gallery

Cathedral  12 x 24 Mixed Media on Panel 

Available for purchase through the contact page

Artist Statement:

With broken hearts and weary souls we are suddenly tipped off our foundations into a world that is unknown to today’s existence as humankind. We have drifted away from our nature. When everything has turned upside down and we are overwhelmed with grief, time spent reconnecting with the rhythms of the earth feels sacred and healing and is referenced in the repeating forms of the tree trunks and cathedral-type arches formed in the spaces between. 

A selection of works painted en plein air and inspired by Rust Wine Co. Vineyard, Oliver BC. Contact me to purchase originals and prints. Preview the pieces which were on exhibition in a short video HERE

Private Commissions 

Contact me through the contact page to discuss your private commission. 


Breakwater - SOLD! at Hearth Gallery exhibition Saving Sea to Sky 

Mixed Media on 2 Panels - 12 x 24" each

Inspired by the relationship between the constructed environment and nature. Breakwater is a human-made structure that becomes a living artificial reef providing opportunities for settlement and colonization by oysters, mussels and other species and creates shelter and habitat for various marine and aquatic species.

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